Mrs. Obama can move mountains   Leave a comment


If the president’s wife decided to do a press conference in order to get more Black Americans at the polls I would be the first 1 in line because I thoroughly support President Obama.



This man has done wonders for our country. He has put an end to the war. He has brought our troops home. He has ended the lives of Saddam Hussein and O Sama bin Laden.

So in conclusion I wish all black americans would go out and vote. I will play my part by posting pictures of the first family that will inspire any black man to go out and vote. All you have to do is look at these fantastic pictures and you will vote. Because Michelle Obama can move mountains, plus if her boobs look like these they are mountains.


Just look at that fat ass Mrs. Obama has. Doesn’t that ass in those titties make you wanna go out and vote.


So go ahead vote for Barack Obama the slickest president of our century.

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